Dylville Story



Dylville Story

Op 17 april 1979 werd ons eerste nestje Dylville Mopsjes geboren. Wij hebben nooit veel gefokt, slechts één à twee nestjes per jaar. Steeds hebben we getracht om gezonde Mopsen te fokken die beantwoorden aan de rasstandaard. Ook al laten beroepsbezigheden(dierenarts)ons niet toe om veel shows te bezoeken, toch behaalden 19 Dylville Mopsen een kampioenschapstitel (Internationaal en/of Nationaal).

December 2006 kwam de kleine zwarte Farwest Du Petit Khingan (Ozzy) in onze familie.
Op 17/12/06 werden bij Brigitte en Sammy Baert Sabbe 4 Mopsjes geboren. Ouders: Brittyard's Marius en Ch.Dylville Bluebird. Brigsam Fientje en Brigsam  Faron wonen nu in huize Dylville. Fleurke en Frouwke bleven bij de fokkers.
Ik ben ook keurmeester voor Mops en Franse Bulldog.   


                     Ch.Dylville Zarah                                                Ch.Dylville Zarah                                                             Ch.Dylville Zarah

                                                          Farwest du Petit Khingan 

     10 Maaand                                  6 Maand                                                           10 Maand                                                 6 Maand                                         


Brigsam Faron                                                                             Brigsam Fientje                                             Brigsam      2° Nest

7 Maand                                                                                                 7 Maand                                                   7 Maand



Ingrid Mylemans

September 2007

In 1966 we got as a wedding present from my wife's girl friend a brown shorthaired dachshound. In that time Ingrid, my wife, told me that she always wanted a Pugdog. Even during my veterinary studies, I had never heard of that breed. One day, we saw in a shop for childrenclothes in Brussels a beautifull fawn dog. That is a Pug said my wife. I promised her to try to find one, and after a week we found a breeders address, in the south of Belgium. We live in the north. He had a litter of four. He also breeds Pyreneans. We choose a bitchpuppy (four weeks old) and we could have her when she would be 7 weeks old. A week later we phoned to have some news about the pup, and the man told us that a Pyrenean bitch had killed three puppies. The one we had choosen was killed too and we had to take the little male.

So we went directly off to bring him in our home. His name was Brat des Montagnes des Pyrénées and he was 5 weeks old. The kennel and the pedigree were not accepted by the FCI (we found this out later). We called him Sandokan, he was lovely and we loved him very much.

That happened in 1976. A month later we heard from a client, she had seen a Pug in a petshop not far from our place. We went there and found a beautiful Pug, adult, imported from the UK. We were told that the pedigree would follow in a few weeks, but we never got it. He was called Moppy. As I was asked by a local Dogclub for the veterinary healthsurvey at their local show, the people knowing about my Pugs entered our two boys, to have more entrees. Moppy was third best in show.

From then on we had always Pugs in the house. Having tasted the flavour of showing dogs, and knowing that our two lovely boys could never be in the international tickets, we made a good study of the breeders in the Netherlands and the UK. Via the Dutch kennel of Mrs Brunet de Rochebrune we got the address of the Cedarwood Pug kennel of Mrs Pauline Thorp (+ in 1989).

We visited Mrs Thorp and were kindly invited for a pugtalk weekend. We told her the whole story and she gave us an initiation in the (her) Pugworld, plus an address of a certain Miss Di Middleton, who had a litter by Mrs Thorp's studdog Champion Bradstock Campion, out of her bitch Champion Loynerise Lightning. The five could leave for good homes in 2 months. So we had long telephone talks with Di Middleton and at the fixed date we crossed over the roughest Sea Channel we ever crossed, with our two children, Pascale and Chris, and choose and got Loynerise Lively Lass (we called her Janie).

She became Belgian and International Champion. She became our "Dylville" foundation bitch. A wellbred Bitch needs a good studdog. So, phonecalls, etc., and we could have, after crossing the channel and driving up to Pill near Bristol, Pillette Perky Pug from the Pillette kennel of Mrs Jean Pearce. He became Belgian, Luxemburg, International, and Worldchampion (1981, Dortmund, Eike Herold) and our foundation studdog.

In 1979 their first children (2-4) were born. To give them a nice offspringname they were in need of a kennelname prefix. We lived at that time in Mechelen, on the river "Dyle". So we did the registration for the prefix: "Dylville".

Is there something like a Pug Spirit who guides us in assuming this lovely and sometimes heavy mission, in keeping them happy and healthy?

In this thirty years we founded the Belgian Pug Dog Club (BPDC), of which my wife is President. She is also an International F.C.I. Judge for Pugs and French Bulldogs. She judged three times the Worldchampionshipshows (Brno, dogs and females - Dortmund, females- Brussels '95, dogs), the Scottish Pug Dog Club Championshipshow in '94, and many other International Championship Shows. We met hundreds of Pug owners over whole Europe at Dogshows and Clubshows, and enjoy their company.

onzejongste worp :24.03.2012


Ingrid & Jan Mylemans